Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Just want to say a big thank you to Nikki and the gang at First Base Freight, everything to do with my move to Fremantle in Australia from our home in Exeter was absolutely brilliant. We were really nervous at the start because this is something we have never done before but having contacted Nikki, she was really helpful and put our minds at ease. Thank you.

Hi nikki, just wanted to thank you and Jo for all the help you gave me and my family with shipping our belongings over to Vancouver, Canada. We were expecting this to be very stressful but you were both very helpful throughout the whole process, you have made our move to a new country a lot easier than we thought it would be. Thanks.

Hello, Just wanted to let you know that our belongings arrived safe and sound at the port of Limassol. They arrived on time and all safely packed, and no breakages. Also thank Alec and the guys who came and picked up our belongings from our house, always very careful in taking care of our stuff especially the pictures and photos which were really well packed to avoid breakages. Thanks again.

Alec/Nikki, Just wanted to say a big big thank you to you and your staff, our move to Cape Town from Telford went really smoothly, all our furniture arrived in the same state as we left it. We were totally amazed at the packing, really secure, thank you so much.

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