Container Shipping

Container Shipping Your House Move

Cost effective house removals by 20ft or 40ft containers

When moving abroad you will probably think that shipping your household goods and furniture in a dedicated 20ft or 40ft container will work out to be a lot more expensive than sending it as a "part load". In some cases this is correct but not so for all overseas destinations. Sometimes less handling of goods means less charges both in the UK and overseas.

Container loading for at your door - Can we load it?

To keep the costs as low as possible it is a good idea to opt for a dedicated container to be positioned at your property, or as close as feasibly possible to load it. With the 3 free hours allocated for loading and a group of friends and family to help, will see that you have plenty of time to load all your household goods in good time and cut the costs of having to pay for a removals company do it for you.

Container Removals - Professional Packing

If loading your household goods and personal belongings direct in to a container doesn't appeal to you, the second best option would be to employ the services of a trained team of packers and movers. They're used to the heavy lifting and loading and will have developed techniques to avoid breakages and damages whilst your container is on the sea. The other good option about employing their services is the all risks insurance that can be offered as they packed the container for you. The downside to you loading your own container means only having restricted insurance cover as you will be unable to prove how the damage occurred. Its good food for thought but I think both options of container shipping for the stress-free house removals experience need to be considered.

Container Shipping - The Parking restrictions

Whenever you opt to have the container delivered to your home for loading and packing, irrelevant of who is loading this for you. You must consider the road restrictions outside your property providing there is even enough room to park a truck with a container on the back of it in the first place. You may need to contact your local council and obtain a parking permit for approximately 4-5 car spaces on the day the container is due to arrive. What you don't want to happen is having the container arrive at your home and not have enough room to park because all your neighbours are refusing to move their vehicle elsewhere. The good thing about having a parking permit is that if vehicles cannot be moved so the truck can park in the reserved space they will be towed to a space away from your reserved location. This will avoid any failed collection fees due to not having sufficient room to park.

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