How We Protect Your Goods In Transit

How We Protect Your Goods In Transit

Making sure your goods are insured to move by road

When it comes to house removals, We at House Removals Worldwide have many years of experience in handling your household goods and personal effects - taking the utmost care to make sure that they are both protected and secured during there removal and transit to your new home or to our loading depot in South Wales.

There are so many, man and a van sole traders that claim to offer a great removals service at a fraction of the price. However you may need to consider if they have the proper insurance to cover your goods against any accidental damage or any damage caused during transit. They also may not have the right equipment to do the job properly.

First Base Freight is the trading name of House Removals Worldwide - We strive to offer a great quality service with all house removals, we have all the tools and we are fully insured to get the job done safely and efficiently, such as:

Tail lift

Our removal vehicles are fitted with tail lifts to load heavy items such as washing machines and other items.


Our removals team may use a trolley to lift heavy items such as white goods depending on access to the property. The trolley also lays flat down and can be used to transport multiple boxes in one go for properties that do not have direct access via a road.

Padded sofa covers

We use professional grade sofa covers that are padded with a thick material; you may be thinking that a sofa wouldn't need much padding however these covers have more than just one benefit. They have handles on each side making the sofa easier to manoeuvre as well as providing protection to avoid damaging the material on the sofa when passing through door frames. Sofa's as you know will mark far too easily so the sofa covers also stop the sofa from being marked.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are a thick wool type material typically used to cover delicate items such as table tops, white goods, mirrors, glass and other fragile goods. They help prevent items being scratched as well as offering additional padding to avoid any damage.

Straps and Tie Points

All goods are professionally and carefully stacked in our removal vehicles to utilise as much space as possible, certain items may not be boxed and as such may be harder to stack and secure; this is where we will use straps to secure goods. Along the inside of the removal vehicles is a frame in which we can secure items to using straps, this prevents items from moving during transit thus reducing any chance of items being damaged.

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