Container Groupage

Container Groupage Services - Fast & Reliable

Shared containers for Moving Household Goods Overseas

Moving overseas might not be as expensive as you think, with our groupage services your goods are professionally packed and palletised by our removals team. They are then weighed and measured to give us the exact dimensions and weight, you are only invoiced for the exact space that your household goods take up inside the container.

Our professionally trained removals team will meet you at your property at a time and date convenient to you, they will then begin carefully packing (if required) and load your goods to be brought back to our warehouse. With all packing services, all goods are listed and you will be supplied an itinerary - this is for your records and ours so we know exactly what we are shipping for you and so that you can make sure that nothing is missing when your goods arrive at your new home overseas.

Groupage house removals

Groupage may not always be the cheapest option as it depends on the amount of goods you are looking to ship to your new home, if you have quite a lot of goods then it may be more cost effective to look at a sole shipping container service, this is where your goods are loaded outside of your property directly into a 20ft or 40ft container which is then taken directly to the port to be shipped.

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