How Household Goods are Moved Overseas

How Household Goods are Moved Overseas

Container shipping or groupage service?

The answer to that question will depend on what you intend moving with you overseas. For example if you only intend on moving about 20-30 boxes, a double bed and a settee for example, you will definitely not need to ship these inside a dedicated 20ft container. You'll have so much space left over which will make trying to secure what you do have neon impossible. There are very few lashing points within a container to secure everything so all your loose items will end up being thrown around like a rag doll when transiting by sea freight.

The Groupage Container Service for affordable moving

In such cases where there is only a small amount of household goods to be shipped, we would collect your belongings from your property in our van, deliver them back to our warehouse where they will then be packed securely on to pallets. These are then secured using shrink wrap & durable heat treated wrap which sits tightly over the pallet to make it durable and weather resistant. This will then be shipped on our groupage container services at a fraction of the cost of the dedicated container to your new destination. This way you only pay for the room that your goods take up inside a shared groupage container.

How will my household belongings be kept safe?

Security is a major focal point to us, we operate a warehouse with 24/7 CCTV and round the clock surveillance. We want your belongings to be safe at all times, in our possession or not. So whether we are palletising your furniture items and boxes at our depot or delivering a dedicated container to quay, we will always have security at the forefront of our minds. We can never be too complacent when it comes to security so every effort is put in to keep your goods safe at all times.

Taking Care of household belongings on the ship

We are very limited in terms of what we can do when your items are on the ship. All containers are stacked 4 and 5 high, each with locks on the outside of the container - be it a shared or a dedicated container. The seals are placed on the door which are tamper proof and can only be opened using a special key. The only people who can ever gain access to any container is either the police, the port authority or customs. At no time on the actual ship can anyone gain access inside your container to steal anything.

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