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Marine Insurance for moving overseas

Protecting household goods for greater insurance cover

House Removals Worldwide offers a great marine insurance policy to anyone moving their household goods by sea freight, air freight or even by road. The insurance policy is underwritten by Aviva Insurers, a well-known company here in the UK and abroad. The coverage that you obtain will depend on whether you have packed your own goods or if we have professionally packed them for you. We offer two different types of policy and will try to cater for everyone and their individual needs and requirements.

Restricted marine insurance cover for your personal belongings

We can only offer restricted marine insurance cover for household items when you have packed this yourself. As you can appreciate the insurers will never know in what state your property was in if you pack everything at your home and load it directly in to a container, for example. Insurers are not known to pay out on a whim and will need hard evidence that your goods where in perfect condition prior to shipping. As this cannot be proven one way or the other, the insurance company will not accept your word unfortunately so they have opted to only supply restricted cover in this instance. The restricted cover marine insurance is only for total loss, water damage or fire damage, a little like third party, fire and theft that some have on their cars. This means that the insurers will not pay out on a policy unless the ship sinks (worst case scenario), catches fire or the container falls in to the sea.

Full Marine Insurance cover for all household items moving overseas

To have the all singing, all dancing marine insurance cover you will need to have your household goods and furniture professionally packed. Your house removals team can do this for you, either at your home or at the depot. When professionally packed your belongings are written down on an inventory which proves the condition of the item prior to shipping. This information is sent to the insurers along with photographs of any expensive or fragile items. Disputes are difficult by the insurers with this option and are more likely to pay out on a claim with too much prompting.

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