Moving House By Sea or Air freight

House Removals by Sea or Air?

Available options for moving

When moving overseas the most popular option for moving is by sea freight, this gives you a few different options of moving your household goods and personal effects from the UK to your new destination. Sea freight is generally the cheaper option however, the transit times are a lot longer than air freight. Air freight is typically used for your essential items that you can't be without and would require in a speedy time at your chosen destination.

Container Shipping

When shipping your household goods and personal effects overseas - your goods will be carefully loaded and secured inside a shipping container. These come in different sizes depending on the amount of space you require. The three main types of shipping containers are a 20FT, 40FT and 40FT HC. These can either be located outside of your property for loading or your goods can be professionally packed and loaded by our team of professional loaders and packers.


If you do not require an entire shipping container then you can pay for only the space that you require in a shared container. This is where your goods are collected by our removals team and brought back to our warehouse to be professionally packed and palletised. Your goods are then measured, you will only be invoiced for the exact amount that your goods will take up as part of our groupage service.

Air Freight

Airfreight offers the fastest transit time, it is charged per kilo. It is generally more expensive than sea freight and is mainly used for personal belonging that you cannot be without. Your goods will generally be crated or palletised and secured inside to ensure maximum protection during transit.

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