Packing inventory

Packing inventory

Why do I need an inventory of all packed items?

The main purpose of the packing inventory is for Customs at the destination to determine what is within your shipment this will highlight to them if there are any prohibited items or items that may attract duties. The inventory will also be a useful tool for you when you are unpacking your boxes in your new home. As your shipper, we will also use the inventory to determine if there are any boxes/bags that may contain fragile items. We can then pack them at the top of your pallets if they are being shipped as part of our groupage service or safely if being loaded directly in to a container to avoid any damages.

You can choose to use your own paper on which to write the inventory or we can supply a blank inventory sheet which you can print and use as many sheets as you wish. Some prefer to provide an excel spread sheet - it's really down to your own preference.

Whilst we do not need you to list every knife, fork and spoon that you have packed, it is important that we can determine the contents of your packed box - for example, your description for packing a box of cutlery would read "1 x Carton containing Cutlery", For a suitcase of clothes and shoes "1 x Suitcase containing Clothing and shoes". It is important that we can determine from the inventory exactly how many items you are shipping, be it, boxes, bags or items of furniture - we must be able to determine an exact piece count.

Can I Pack My Own household goods?

Yes, you can pack as little or as much as you like. We do not supply the boxes or packing materials if you are packing yourself but we do give you a discount from your shipping bill if you purchase boxes through our affiliate scheme (See ask about our free box offer. Terms & Conditions apply)

Please remember to write an inventory of the items that you have packed in to each box or suitcase as this will be required for Customs Purposes. It will also help us to determine which boxes may contain fragile items that need alternative handling.

When packing your goods, you will need to complete an inventory, detailing the items that you have packed in boxes, suitcase or drawers for example. We suggest completing this inventory as you are packing as you may forget once the boxes have been sealed.

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