Professional Packing Services

Professional Packing Services

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When moving home there's always the possibility that you're beloved items may be broken by accident especially if you're doing this yourself. This can be devastating especially if it is your family heirloom and has been in your possession for many years. House Removals Worldwide offers a packing service that guarantees that your goods are professionally packed and moved to your new home in the exact same condition that it left. We are confident in our proven techniques and can assure that your goods and personal belongings will be treated with the utmost care and attention at all times.

Your household goods and personal effects will be collected by a team of experienced loaders & packers on your chosen date. Each item will be loaded securely in to our vehicles using straps and move blankets where they will be returned to our secure warehouse ready to be prepared for export.

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The Full House Removals Experience

We will carefully re-pack any items requested by you with the utmost care and attention. All furniture is wrapped in bubble wrap with a strip of card secured outside the bubble wrap for extra protection, we then secure all items to pallets - ensuring all space is utilised where safe and possible to do so. Fragile items will be placed either at the top of the pallet or inside an empty piece of furniture such as a wardrobe or cupboard in order to avoid them being damaged. Once your items have been carefully stacked on the pallet, it will be secured with layers of stretch wrap which will keep everything in place and secured during transit overseas. Further layers of bubble wrap will be applied around the whole pallet, along with a final layer of shrink-wrap which will be heat treated to form a durable water proof layer.

The pallets are then security banded and given unique numbered seals. The seal numbers are recorded by our staff and the details are also recorded on our inventory which lists all items secured to the pallet(s). Once this process has been completed we can then measure your pallet(s) to get the exact dimensions in order to give you an exact cost - No Guessing, you only pay for the space that your items take up within our shared weekly containers that are being shipped to your final destination.

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