Relocating Overseas

Relocating To a New Country Tips & Advice

Relocating overseas is simpler than you think

When moving overseas one of the first things to consider is; can you afford to relocate to another country? Have you got a secure job to go to? If you're retiring then you may want to check out what is local to your new area. Are all amenities easily accessible for your everyday needs and hobbies? Is it an area that houses families or students and what are the local schools like? The list when relocating home is endless, but research every possible avenue before deciding to take that leap of faith. Don't go in blind, make sure that whatever is important to you and your family is present or can easily be accessed.

How do I know where to relocate to?

This is the million dollar question, we all have personal tastes and expectations when looking for a new place to relocate to. The internet has endless amounts of information about your preferred area, just google it and you'll be surprised what information that you can find out. From Schools to banks, dentists to local hospitals and so on. After plentiful research you'll probably choose an area close to your new job or family. If you are lucky enough to have family or friends already living in the country you wish to relocate to then ask as many questions as possible. Don't be afraid to ask any awkward questions, this is your life after all and you'll be going through some big changes anyway.

Taking the Relocation Leap of Faith

Once you've decided where you want to move to, look online for local newspapers in your new country for properties to rent. You may need to stay up late at night if you want to speak to the prospective new landlord. I wouldn't rely just on emails, striking up a proper verbal conversation can break through so many barriers that emails just don't manage to do. Ask your landlord to show you photographs of every room and if possible tell you the dimensions of each room so at least you know if your own furniture will fit without issue. It would be crying shame if you took the plunge lock, stock and barrel to find your beloved 3 or 4 seater settee didn't fit through the door. Also ask about schools local to the area, public swimming pools and health centres for any outdoor activity that you may seek.

Research is the answer for anyone looking to relocate overseas, forewarned is forearmed. Try to minimise any unexpected surprises. Relocating to a new country should be one of the most exciting times in your life. Embrace it, it's an opportunity not to be missed, especially if it can provide you with a better quality of life for you and your family.

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