Required documentation to move overseas

House Removals Documentation Requirements

Required Documentation When Moving Overseas

When moving overseas it is better to be organised and have your documentation at hand and ready to be emailed to the relevant party organising the shipment of your household goods and personal belongings. The best way of doing this is to draw up a template on your computer of everything that is required and tick off in the check box all copies that you have. Scan and email a copy of any documentation that you have to your inbox and save a copy to your desktop in a folder aptly named House Removals Documentation Copy. This will help you to always have access to your documents on any PC providing you can get access to your emails via laptop, phone or tablet etc.

What paperwork is needed whilst moving overseas?

In order to organise your shipment of household goods to another country, we need you to supply us with copies of the following documents:

  • A copy of the photo page from a Valid Passport
  • A copy of your Visa (If applicable)
  • A Packing Inventory for any items that you have packed (if applicable)

We never ask for original documents from you at House Removals Worldwide but only copies of your original paperwork. You must try to keep any original documentation packed safe and secure just in case you are required to send these on to a governing body, solicitor, customs or even your overseas agent at a moments notice.

Moving Overseas and making the right choice - Originals or Scanned documents?

Please supply scanned, clear copies of your documents as Customs must be able to clearly see your passport photo and information on it. We suggest to forward everything to us upon making your booking in order that we have them to hand - Otherwise you may forget and we could collect your goods including your computer and scanner along and if you do not have access to another, this could cause delays.

If you are shipping to the USA we will supply you with the relevant Customs Forms to complete and return to us. The forms will be forwarded to our USA agent in order for them to proceed with clearing your items through Customs upon their arrival. We always suggest to take the original forms with you so you can refer to them or forward to the agent locally should they require your original signature. Customs forms can be quite complicated but we will be happy to guide you through completion of the forms should this be required.

Please do not leave any original documents within your shipment that you may need once you arrive at your destination - for example you may need your birth certificate or driving licence as identification. Remember to keep your passport safe (don't leave it in the scanner or in one of your boxes - it's happened before!)

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