Sending Employee Overseas

Top Tips For Sending Employee Overseas

Employment Overseas - Is It A Good Idea?

Working internationally can be a great opportunity for the employee, their families and especially your business. Working overseas is a great way for your employee to learn new skills and transfer knowledge and experience from one region to another thus increasing the individual's breadth of knowledge and leadership capabilities meaning that they will be able to make a greater contribution at higher levels in the organisation in the future.

Choosing which employee to move overseas

Choosing who to send to work overseas can be a difficult task, you need to make sure that whoever you send will be committed to work and will not see this as just an extended holiday at the company's expense. For short term placements you will need an employee who is not easily distracted - it's often the case that a shy member of staff may thrive in foreign climes, while their brasher colleague may be more reluctant to move away from home and familiarity. A lot will depend on the length and location of posting, and whether applicants have dependants.

Depending on the location, choosing an employee with good language skills and overseas experience will be key factors as well as a good track record. Ideally organisations need to fill overseas vacancies with people who will both give professional value to their new team as well as being able to share new experiences and knowledge on their return.

Keep in mind that staff may expect a short trip to their placement beforehand to get a feel for their new home, preferably with their spouse.

Employee's considering an overseas posting need to be very clear on what to expect. With working overseas there remains an issue of cultural differences, we like to think that we are all global players these days however - especially for women - there are countries that may have a very different opinion of everyday life.

House Removals - The Moving Day

Moving home can be a stressful enough experience as it is; multiply its impact by 10 and you will have some idea of the commotion caused by an overseas move.

Choosing the right removal company that understands the stress levels the client will be going through will help start the move in a positive way. Here at First Base Freight we offer professional international removals for domestic and business purposes, we have years of experience and are always available to answer any questions the client may have. We offer full Container Shipping Services as well as our Shared Container Service for smaller removals. With all services we offer a full or part Packing Service, for more details on how we ship goods overseas please see our How We Pack page.

Understanding the amount of planning that goes into moving an employee overseas, we make sure that the actual removal of goods goes as smoothly as possible, and with our faster transit times and shipping we can offer quick transit times for goods to be delivered.

For a quotation please ask your employee to fill in our >Overseas Removal Quote form giving as much information as possible, you will find a space calculator that will help estimate the space required for shipping.

Keeping in contact

Once your chosen employee has moved overseas it's not a case of "out of sight, out of mind" you will need to keep in regular contact with them, not only so that you can track their progress but to also make sure that they are settling into the role and if needed you can support them in anyway.

Issues such as cross-cultural training, a children's education or a spouse's employment can have a negative effect on their work. You need to support your employee to maintain a well-rounded work-life balance.

Being away from friends, extended family and colleagues can make settling in very difficult - especially in a new place with sometimes perplexing customs.

If you have any further questions about international removals then please Contact Us and one of our friendly members of staff will be able to answer any question you may have. All our colleagues are trained to the highest standard; you will find them both knowledgeable and helpful.

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