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You're taking the plunge and moving house, you've found somewhere you want to live and you're trying to remember everything that you need to do before you relocate overseas. Your mind is probably crammed full of things you should do, need to do and want to do. The one thing you must remember in your boggled state of mind is getting a visa and the right type of one. Get the wrong visa and you could get yourself in to all kinds of trouble. The best visa information to read is directly from the embassy website.

What type of visa do I need to get when moving abroad?

In all honesty the choice of visas can be quite mind numbing at the best of times, coupled that with relocating not just yourself but your family as well can be enough to put your mind in to a spin. Research is the key to avoiding any unwanted surprises for both you and your family so we've put together a list of countries that are more frequent to relocate to. Click the country to be directed to invaluable information about anyone moving and relocating that needs to get a visa first. This will help you to get a better understanding of the visa process, the time it takes to get and most of all how much it will cost to receive it.

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