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Overseas Moving from the UK to UAE

Need to Ship your household belongings to Dubai? House Removals Worldwide offers a reliable & professional international house removals service to all over the UAE, delivering to Dubai on faster vessels that sail every week from the UK. Transit time from the UK on our container groupage service only takes approximately 20 days. Our direct service to Dubai allows us to ship furniture and any amount of household goods every week in our shared 40ft container services both safely and securely every time.

We specialise in a safe and secure; pack, wrap and palletise system - this allows us to ship your household goods, personal effects and furniture safely & securely from anywhere in UK. We do not make you wait to fill up our container; we guarantee that your household belongings will ship within two weeks of receiving it at our loading depot.

Why Ship Household Goods As Groupage?

Shipping household goods to Dubai on our groupage services allows us to keep your costs to an absolute minimum. We condense your shipment by utilising every available space (such as loading boxes in to wardrobes and alike). You only pay for the exact space that your belongings take up within the shared container and not for a whole container. We wrap all fragile items in bubblewrap and card, to eliminate any possible breakages when your goods are in transit to Dubai.

We offer full marine insurance for any personal effects packed either by you or by our team of professional packers - thus offering further peace of mind.

Transit time from the UK to Dubai

Our services are very frequent with 2 vessels sailing a week to most of the major ports in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jebel Ali and Sharjah. If you're not quite sure which port to choose just give us a call and we can help. The main port in the UK that ship to the UAE is the port of Tilbury; transit times are approximately 22 days.

Other useful information you might need to know is that your shipments of belongings will be allowed into Dubai duty free as long as they have been owned prior to importation. All books, cd's and dvd's are subject to a physical inspection and should be packed separately from your other belongings.

As well as shipping your personal effects and household goods to Dubai, we can also prove our house removal services to many of the other cities in the UAE including: Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ayn and Ajman. International removals to Dubai, safe and secure shipping of your personal effects and furniture by secured container.

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